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Mediation Consultancy

As an Accredited Mediator my aim is to help parents reach an agreement that enables the children to develop positive relationships with each parent despite the difficulties experienced by parents following the break up of their relationship.

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Article 9.3 States Parties shall respect the right of the child who is separated from one or both parents to maintain personal relations and direct contact with both parents on a regular basis, except if it is contrary to the child's best interests.

To achieve this both parents need to have a fundamental belief that a child should have a relationship with both parents.

Unfortunately contact arrangements are often not agreed due to the behaviours of, or excessive demands from, one, or both, of the parents.

My aim is to work with both parents and address the concerns that prevent an agreement being reached.

The basic principles of my work are:

  • We should concentrate on the things that bring us together, rather than the things that separate us.
  • Rather than 'telling it like it is', the challenge is to 'tell it as it may become'.
  • If you look beyond the clouds you will find blue skies!

The benefits of mediation are:

  • The process is far quicker than settling matters through court proceedings.
  • Mediation meetings are less formal than court proceedings.
  • The associated costs of mediation are a fraction of the legal costs that would be incurred if the dispute was settled through court proceedings.

Please read the Conflict in Contact page which provides more detail of my approach and explains to parents what is expected of them.

I would also recommend you read the Continuum of Conflict page which identifies several key points to help parents minimise conflict whilst attempting to agree contact arrangements for the children.

I have worked with the following legal professionals and they have kindly agreed to provide references for work I have undertaken with their clients:

Sarah Sammon, Linenhall Chambers
- 01244 348282
Lois Kingsley, Kingsley Solicitors
- 01244 960210
Daniel Jones, Head of Family Law, Jolliffes & Co. Solicitors
- 01244 310 022
Catrin Cracroft, Gamlins Solicitors
- 01745 343500
Martin Van Weert, Tudor Owen Roberts Glynne & Co.
- 01407 762374

Comments from parents who have engaged in this way of working:

"Although I was initially wary about attending mediation, after just two sessions with Craig we were already communicating much more effectively, and Craig remained neutral dispelling the mistrust that had developed between us, enabling us to make arrangements constructively to meet the needs of our son - Thanks Craig my life already feels easier!"
"Thank you for helping put my family back together!"
"Thank you for our chat the other day. It’s reassuring to have a professional, particularly a male that understands the situation and difficulties I face with ****** (child's father) and agree that his behaviour has been controlling and detrimental to both *** (child) and myself."
"Your sensitivity was greatly appreciated by myself and my family"
"I am sure I speak for all your clients, when I say that you've listened and heard (it doesn't always follow), you've been kind, and resolute in making people believe in themselves, and supportive in so many ways. I am sure that there are a lot of people who do not want to let you down, and in turn therefore will not let themselves down".
"You could not have been more helpful, gripping the situation so comprehensively".
"It means so much to know that you were there to help when it mattered".
"Many thanks for all your help and kindness you have done for us".
"We have a long, long way to go, but if you hadn't had been there to help the only way we'd be going is separate ways. This is by no means 'Happy Families' but it is a start"
"Mark bought me flowers on the day of my interview, and he hasn't done that since I can't remember! I think you've performed a miracle!!".
"You have an uncanny knack of asking the right question which makes me think, opening up opportunities from what I thought were closed situations!"
The Court process encourages conflict. you learn to criticise the other parent and begin to believe the 'devil incarnate' your legal team creates really exists. Craig encourages each parent to see the positives in the other parent and this allows contact to be built not destroyed..
I wish we'd have met you years ago, it would have saved so much pain.
Craig made it possible for me to see my children after my ex had blocked my contact for over 3 years. He made my wife understand how important contact with their dad was and helped her understand how she was putting her hatred to me before what was best for the kids.
Craig helped me show the Judge that the concerns raised by my ex wife were not true.
You always made me realise how my behaviour and reactions impacted on the children.
If I knew you years ago Craig then I would never have approached a solicitor. Please book all your time towards and invoice accordingly. You are much appreciated.

Feedback from CAFCASS officers:

I referred a complex and protracted private law case to Craig and following 6 sessions with the parties he was able to influence significant change. Without his intervention the outcome in that matter could have been very different for the children. I will continue to refer cases of a complex nature to him and would not hesitate to recommend his work.
Craig and I worked with a family who had been involved in Court Proceedings for many years. Craig's approach helped both parents become more aware and open about their positions and why they had been so stuck for many years. This work enabled the child to feel that she was eventually listened to by her father and the Court.

Feedback from Solicitors:

To be honest I have been surprised as to the progress made! The Father believes that had Craig been introduced into matters a year ago the protracted Court proceedings may have been avoided. I remain extremely impressed with Craig's work and would have no hesitation in referring further work to him and recommending him to other professionals.'
Craig Wilkinson’s CV is impressive; having facilitated and managed the Caring Dads programme in North Wales. Clients benefit from one to one counselling that Craig provides. Craig invites the mother to a joint meeting with the father near the end of his work with the father to improve the relationship between the parents for the benefit of the child and which is aimed at increasing the mother’s trust and confidence.
I have worked with Craig on several cases with which he has been able to help both parents who have been ‘stuck’ to adopt a different approach to resolve their difficulties. His experience of working with domestic violence perpetrators and victims enables him to address concerns raised in proceedings in an effective manner.

Instructions from a Judge:

He (the father) can avail himself to seek assistance of a counsellor or family mediator such as Craig Wilkinson who has experience in domestic violence cases and abusive relationship cases and can assist perpetrators in realising how their behaviour can affect others.
The final order will be conditional on the basis that the father has to engage with Craig Wilkinson before the case goes anywhere. Mr Wilkinson has worked successfully in the past with others, teaching them that any actions that he takes there will be a reaction and there may be unintended consequences.


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