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Fostering Consultancy

As a Fostering Consultant I have experience as:
Fostering Panel Chair:

Craig is an excellent Chair. He is firm, direct, extremely knowledgeable and confident. He is particularly good at dealing with foster carers and prospective foster carers. On the one hand he is good at putting them at their ease; on the other hand he is not afaid of challenging them on some very sensitive issues. He deals with the social workers in a similar way, professional and direct, very willing to praise where necessary and criticise the same. When he leaves he will be a big loss and hard to replace.
TP Independent Member of the Flintshire Fostering Panel
Craig is a skilled, knowledgeable and experienced Chair of the Fostering Panel, enabling all Panel Members to express their views. Panel can be a daunting experience for some people and Craig is able to communicate in a way that puts applicants at ease whilst also effectively asking sometimes difficult questions.

I have no hesitation in recommending Craig as a Fostering Panel Chair.
Agency Advisor
Flintshire Fostering Service
Craig has been the Independent Chair of our Fostering Panel since 2009. Craig shows a great passion for his work in fostering and demonstrates extensive knowledge in this area. He strives to ensure children in care receive the best possible care and is proactive in identifying areas for development within the service that will improve quality for both children and foster carers. He is thorough in his approach to his work and actively involves all panel members in discussions. Craig encourages panel member’s own development and is also welcoming of feedback about his own practice.
Lisa Hocking
Powys Fostering Team Manager
Craig manages the Panel extremely well; he has a good rapport with Panel Members and Foster Carers. He is always respectful and honest and is able to sum up the reports in a positive manner even when dealing with difficult issues / Foster Carers.
Fostering Panel Member’s Appraisal
Craig is able to say just the right thing at the right moment to very nervous individuals who don’t accept praise easily.
Fostering Panel Member’s Appraisal

Form F Assessments

This is the second time that we have worked alongside Craig in completing a Form F assessment, once for our original panel and then when transferring over to the Local Authority. Throughout the lengthy processes, Craig has nurtured and encouraged us to be ourselves, to be honest and open with each another, to ensure that we examined exactly what our beliefs, needs and wants were before entering into the commitment of Fostering. He provided direction and guidance, information and feedback, reflecting on his own knowledge and experiences to give us an idea of the areas that needed exploring and understanding. Craig was both professional and friendly in his approach, a combination which many find difficult to balance correctly.
W & D Anglesey

Assessing Kinship Carers

A range of emotions when going through the assessment report but I am really impressed how we’ve been presented although it’s been difficult at times and emotional, and painful. I do think, or reflection, it’s been quite cleansing in lots of ways and has actually allowed me to deal with some stuff that had been buried for years.
Aunt being assessed to care for
her 6 year old nephew

Independent Reviewing Officer

Craig has been the Independent Reviewing Officer for Prospects for Young People Fostering Agency since 2014. He is an asset to the service; bringing his range of knowledge and experience which enable him to carry out the foster carer annual reviews to a high standard. He challenges appropriately and has a professional manner that allows for open and honest discussions. He is also willing to share his knowledge and experience with the staff team, offering direction where needed and assisting us to broaden our contacts. Craig is a personable character and we will continue to commission his services.
Alison Gregory, Fostering Service Manager

Reviewing and Chair of placement disruptions.

Investigating complaints against foster carers.

Providing independent support to foster carers following an allegation being made against them:

If you require an independent practitioner I welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs. Please contact me either on 07946850094 or

I have worked with the following and they have agreed to provide verbal and written references for my work:

Lisa Hocking, Fostering Service Manager Powys County Council
- - 01686 617520
Jenny Frost, Fostering Service Manager Flintshire County Council
- - 01352 701930
Alison Gregory, Fostering Service Manager Prospects for Young People
- - 01978 313777

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